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Green Square takes on the MS-UK 925 Challenge!

MS-UK is a national charity dedicated to the supporting of individuals suffering from multiple sclerosis. Currently, around 107,000 people suffer from the disease within the UK and MS-UK works tirelessly

#NoFilter? Not Likely.

As a generation that has grown up within a digital world, it is no wonder that we have taken to social media platforms so seamlessly. It is reported that 500

The Consortium

Football fanatics? Award-winning graphic designers? Both? Green Square is proud to once more be sharing a twenty-seater corporate box at Colchester Community Stadium and showing their support for

The 2019 Colchester Youth Awards: Our Youth, Their Future

Tuesday the 9th of July 2019 saw the return of the Colchester Youth Awards at Swinburne Hall, Colchester Institute. A night which celebrates the incredible achievements and talents of Colchester’s