JC To The Rescue in 925 MS-UK Challenge

JC To The Rescue in 925 MS-UK Challenge

Green Square thought they had raised £745 for MS-UK on a night of full on magic, curry and karaoke at The Lexden Crown in Colchester on Sunday,

Compered by local, award winning magician Michael J Fitch, the  challenge was to raise £925 in 9 weeks, 2 days and 5 hours, so with only two days left, the total sum needed was looking doubtful, although the evening was still a roaring success.

Step forward Joe Connor of JC Building Services and target achieved!! Not only did Joe attend the event with a group of friends and attempt to drink The Lexden Crown dry but he has today donated a very generous £200 to make a grand total of £945. I’m not sure if our next building project will be reflected in this act of kindness but…….. just kidding, thank you very much JC from both Green Square and everyone at MS-UK.

Despite coinciding with Remembrance Sunday it was an exceptionally well attended event and thanks to some very kind raffle donations and a heavily discounted, delicious curry buffet from our hosts, we managed to get the job done.

Andy, the karaoke guy had more equipment than an O2 Arena concert would normally need and did a fantastic job. If you are reading this Andy, Green Square owes you a design and print run of quality promotional cards or flyers. Thank you for donating your services.

Special mentions are in order to Jeff & Michelle (Cloudfm Group) for arranging the karaoke, Alan & Christine Brown (TC Group), Marie Yexley (Beauty at the Bay), Annoshka Moy (Caramel Browne) and Patrik & Jo Minder (Lexden Crown) for their fantastic raffle donations.

Thanks to everyone who bought tickets and congratulations to postman, Chris Thomson who won the award for best singer along with Kelly Stanley whose performance earned her a prize for the worst singer. I think Kelly beat me to the post for that award!

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