Creating Crofton Cattery

Creating Crofton Cattery

Today, across the internet, the celebrations of ‘Love Your Pet Day’ takes charge. Cat owners from around the globe are taking to the web to show their appreciation, and adoration, for their furry feline friends in the millions. Being such a hot topic, Green Square were keen to recall their recent involvement in (and love for) Crofton Cattery’s new logo and website design and build.

Crofton Cattery was founded by husband and wife partnership Julie and David Latta following Julie’s retirement from the NHS having worked as a nurse for 32 years. The pair decided to embark on this venture for several reasons, the most prominent being a genuine passion for the animals themselves.

Julie recalled, ‘I’ve had cats for as long as I can remember, and over the years I have also volunteered at a cat rescue facility, so to a certain extent this seemed a natural progression. We ourselves placed our cats into a cattery last summer and after looking at that establishment it seemed like a manageable and worthwhile plan for us.’

She explained how although this was always a dream of hers, it didn’t become an actuality until David gifted her with a ‘how to start your own cattery guide’. She continued, ‘That was when we started really researching into the possibility. We looked at catteries within the area, and then eventually looked farther afield. We studied website designs and we took the time to figure out what we wanted from our own cattery and went from there.’

This, of course, is where Green Square came in.

Julie detailed how they were recommended Green Square’s services when it came to the designing and building of their digital platform, ‘We were told that Green Square had been a pleasure to work with from friends that had used their services previously. After dealing with them ourselves, and particularly with the help and communication received from Linda; we absolutely mirror these feelings.’

It’s safe to say that this was a mutual admiration as Linda, co-director of Green Square, commented, ‘We loved that Julie has been nurturing and caring for others throughout her life, and the fact that she has been able to retire and continue fulfilling her dream of now caring for her beloved animals professionally is wonderful! It was so fulfilling to help her with the creative and technical part of her dream.’

When asked what the best part of undertaking this particular project was, Linda answered ‘With each project we take on, we do so as if it were our own. With Crofton Cattery, we particularly enjoyed creating the brand as a whole from the cute little kittens in their logo to constructing the gorgeous pastel colour palette used throughout the website. The branding was created to give a homely, yet professional impression. When Julie had researched different websites, she thought that some had clinical and somewhat cold, so this was something that she was keen to avoid with their own. We thus were mindful to balance formality with playful undertones and we are all delighted with the result!’

The Crofton Cattery website design and its functionality further exemplifies this mindset. Linda stated, ‘Julie and David somewhat differed in what they wanted for the website, with David leaning towards a luxury and high-end design and Julie more convinced by a more animated, cute, fun look. As a result, we asked that they trust us in creating a fusion of both ideas. When they saw the designs utilising the quirky colour-palette but maintaining the professionalism of their service, they knew it was what they both wanted.’

This idea of balance mirrors the cattery entirely. Julie runs the establishment from the garden of her family home, combining the professional with the personal. She commented, ‘We wanted the cattery to be manageable. I undertake most of the daily tasks so I didn’t want the cattery to be too large otherwise I wouldn’t be able to provide the necessary level of care to each of the cats. They need to know me and trust me, so I need to spend time with them. If we were to expand this wouldn’t be possible.’

Although Crofton Cattery is a relatively new business it has already achieved success and some great reviews.  Green Square is proud to have played a small part and encourage all businesses, large and small, to look at how they market themselves digitally.  Linda explained, ‘We believe that it’s extremely important to focus on your website as an important marketing tool, looking at its functionality, the content within, and the first impression that it creates.  Your website is the interface between your business and your market. A good, creative, fit for purpose website is the same as intelligent branding, it stands out, is engaging and thus memorable, and creates emotion, giving life to your products or services.’

So, back to loving your pets, if your cat is in dire need of a luxury cat holiday then take a look at the Crofton Cattery website for information such as; how to book, opening hours and contact details! Or if you’re a small business looking to expand your digital profile in a creative and engaging way then contact Green Square at or call us on 01206 633429.


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