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Is the Print Industry Dying?

The speculation as to whether the print industry is dying out has been ongoing over the last few years and the answer doesn’t appear to be clear-cut. The assumption is

Refresh with Green Square!

Green Square are freshening up their services just in time to combat those dreary, damp winter months! We know how it can be. The mornings get darker, the days feel

The Flash

For the last five years Green Square has worked alongside Frank Xavier, National Secretary of the RAF Regiment Association, to create the biannual magazine, The Flash. The project works to

Green Square takes on the MS-UK 925 Challenge!

MS-UK is a national charity dedicated to the supporting of individuals suffering from multiple sclerosis. Currently, around 107,000 people suffer from the disease within the UK and MS-UK works tirelessly

#NoFilter? Not Likely.

As a generation that has grown up within a digital world, it is no wonder that we have taken to social media platforms so seamlessly. It is reported that 500

The Consortium

Football fanatics? Award-winning graphic designers? Both? Green Square is proud to once more be sharing a twenty-seater corporate box at Colchester Community Stadium and showing their support for