Green Square takes on the MS-UK 925 Challenge!

Green Square takes on the MS-UK 925 Challenge!

MS-UK is a national charity dedicated to the supporting of individuals suffering from multiple sclerosis. Currently, around 107,000 people suffer from the disease within the UK and MS-UK works tirelessly to ensure that each of them feels empowered to live fulfilling lives in spite of their disease. One of the charity’s most pivotal aims is to raise awareness and improve understanding of multiple sclerosis within our society. Additionally, MS-UK strives to support MS sufferers throughout whichever course of care they choose and most importantly, MS-UK stresses how each individual person’s experience with the disease differs. They adapt their care and support in relation to each. It, therefore, goes without saying that Green Square is thrilled to be fundraising for such a worthy cause by taking part in the 925 Challenge! 

The 925 challenge invites all businesses within the UK to take on the task of raising £925 in 9 weeks, 2 days, and 5 hours. There are no rules as to how you choose to raise this money, but the charity does keep a keen eye for innovative ideas, speed, and outstanding teamwork!  

Jill Purcell, Fundraising Manager for MS-UK, explained why it is so important for businesses to get involved: ‘MS-UK does not receive any statutory or pharmaceutical funding and therefore every penny we raise comes from our supporters. We want to grow our Corporate Supporter base, so we designed a business-related challenge which would raise money for MS-UK and the companies taking part could get some valuable benefits for themselves too. These benefits include teamwork, creative thinking, project management, positive PR and having some fun with their staff and clients. The challenge has been a great way to introduce our charity to new corporate supporters. We hope to develop long term support from businesses through a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Jill’s response echoed that of Steve Green, director of Green Square, as he explained how MS-UK is a client of Green Square and this initially drove them to get involved with the challenge. He continued to say, ‘We like to get involved with charity initiatives as much as we can, and it feels right to give something back. Also, the number of local companies that are on board will make it a bit of fun too and a chance to mingle. Once more, emphasising that element of fun that the challenge encourages in conjunction with supporting a fantastic cause. It really isn’t difficult to see why Green Square is taking part. 

The 925 Challenge launched in 2018 raising a collective total of £16,000 with 9 Colchester-based teams taking part. Jill explained that this was a massive achievement as £16,000 is enough to fund our national helpline for 6 weeks. Last year our helpline handled over 1,300 enquiries and provided people with the information and emotional support they needed to empower them to live life to the full.’ And so, the aim for this year’s challenge is to replicate and furthermore surpass these remarkable results. The charity is aiming to recruit 20 teams to take part in the challenge and are hoping to raise over £30,000 with their efforts. Green Square is thrilled to assist MS-UK in reaching this goal and avidly encourage every business to get involved! 

In the spirit of fun, Green Square is keen to make sure they get as creative as possible with their fundraising strategy. Steve Green disclosed how they plan to host a ‘Curry-aoke night, a term of his own devising, where the company will host a karaoke night while dining on curry dishes. Steve remarked that they had partaken in this event previously and it had been extremely successful, and the company is looking forward to hosting the event once more. The company has set its internal goal at the £925 benchmark, with any further money raised proving a bonus!  

Although green by nature, Green Square will be representing #teampurple for the duration of the challenge! Make sure to keep an eye on our social media for some exclusive glimpses into all of the incredible fundraising events and efforts Green Square participate in!  

If you needed more encouragement to take part in the challenge, Jill sums it up perfectly:MS-UK is a national charity supporting anyone affected by multiple sclerosis (MS). Our vision is a world where people affected by MS live happier and healthier lives. Our mission is to make this possible by improving understanding of the condition and providing support where it is needed most. We are still looking for more teams to join the challenge so if you want to come on board alongside Green Square there is still time to register before the launch on September 12. Please email Jill for more information.’ 


Make sure to get involved with #teampurple! 

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