Mobile comes first

Think about all the different devices you use to surf the web – your mobile phone, smartwatch, tablet, laptop, computer and even your wide screen TV. How frustrated would you be if the website you want to visit doesn’t adapt to that huge range of screen sizes? What if certain links or functions couldn’t be accessed from your phone, or text and design became distorted on your tablet? Annoying right?

Be responsive, there’s really no other way

Visitors to a non-responsive website won’t stay around for long. The moment things get tricky they’ll be clicking off to find a website that provides a fully functioning viewer experience. That is of course if they found the non-responsive site in the first place. Let’s just say that Google isn’t a fan, penalising SEO results for lack of technical effort!

Green Square responds

Here at Green Square we ONLY build fully-responsive websites. We build mobile first to guarantee adaptable and appropriate design. Our team of web development and web design experts create websites that look impressive when scaled up and down. Our many web design awards and accolades probably say more about our passion to produce exceptional websites than we can.

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