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Events & Exhibitions

Stand out from the crowd

Events and exhibitions can be a big investment for any organisation, so it’s imperative to get it right. Whether it’s your own event or you need to be noticed in a hall full of other exhibitors, maximising your space to look the striking and impressive will help your business stand out from the crowd.

Stand and Deliver

Whether you need complete stage design, flags, pop-up banners, roller banners, posters, display panels, shell scheme graphics, digital wallpaper or a whole host of point of sale solutions – Green Square will enhance your stand and deliver. Not forgetting that we can support your event marketing needs even further with our other services, including design for print, printing, professional photography, video production and so much more.


When it comes to the quality of our design and production can rest assured that Green Square’s award-winning design team will deliver outstanding work to promote your event or exhibition. You’ll want to fly your flags high with pride once our team have worked their design magic. Every inch of your exhibition space can be expertly designed by our team to deliver maximum impact.

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