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Calendars & Deskpads

Calendars & Year Planners

Yes, we know it’s been done before but it’s still done because it works. We all display and rely on calendars and year planners in the workplace, so what better opportunity to emblazon your branding and marketing messages all over your clients’ walls. Our expertly designed corporate calendars provide 12 opportunities to catch your clients’ eye – let’s make sure they’re all effective.

Out of sight, out of mind

In today’s competitive market, out of sight is often out of mind. If your competitors are hot on your heels, you can bet they’re providing constant reminders of their products and services. So, let’s make sure your name is the first one that springs to mind. Let’s put it right under people’s noses Rwhere it can’t be missed and let’s put it on items that are used each and every day.


Whether you use it to take phone messages, make notes, jot down ideas, scribble, sketch or doodle, desk pads are popular items in offices across the globe. With the Green Square design team at your disposal, your company desk pads will be both practical and promotional, putting your details right where they need to be.

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