Print Design


The look

Brochure design can be the difference between your message being read or trashed. The right design, pitched perfectly for your target market, will entice your prospective clients to read on. If you’ve got something worth putting in print, then let’s display it in the best possible way. The creative masterminds at Green Square will take your brochure design to the next level.

The feel

If it looks good on the screen then it needs to feel great in the flesh! We can provide competitive printing solutions, enabling you to achieve the best possible paper and print quality for your corporate brochures. Tactile marketing tools need to have the right feel to them, otherwise what’s the point in putting it in print? Our print and finishing expertise will open doors to printing ideas and options that you may not have even considered.

The end result

Have you thought about how to get the best results from your end result, once you’re in a position to proudly share your new corporate brochure with prospective clients? Our integrated marketing services can support your campaign each and every step of the way. We offer fulfilment and direct mail services, coordinated digital strategies, advertising and signage services and so much more. Let’s get you the results you deserve.

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