Whether photographing products, locations or people, the right shot really matters. Poor photography can do more damage than no photography at all.

Our in-house photographers are here to capture exactly what you need.


At Green Square we are fortunate that we have a client base that has a requirement for many of the services that we offer.

We have a fully equipped in house photographic studio but are happy to travel and take the necessary equipment with us.

Some of our recent and interesting subjects have included British soldiers from the Parachute Regiment, Professional Footballers and both Industry and Education awards ceremonies.

We have gone on to use the photography in Army Recruitment Brochures, Sports Magazines and Awards Programmes that we have designed and printed.

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260 pairs of shoes every 6 months is a big ask when it comes to creating a high end consumer catalogue.

Getting the right shot and the correct angle is only half the battle. Fortunately our photography team are also experts in post production techniques and manipulation so the end result is guaranteed to be perfect.

It isn’t just shoes that come under our Product Photography Banner, but such is the variety where do we start?

Kitchens, Domestic Electrical Appliances and Boats are just a few of our more recent additions with each also being part of prestigious design, print and fulfillment projects.

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Property values are so dependent on being photographed in the right manner which is why Green Square is regularly commissioned to produce development brochures, websites and other marketing products.

Sometimes the subject matter doesn’t even exist which is when our 3D experts come in to their own and create life like computer generated images from architects drawings.

Hotels, Restaurants and Care Homes are other regular environments where we can be found photographing.

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A beautiful landscape can be very easy on the eye, but a surrounding area of countryside or a seafront image can help enormously when creating unique and exclusive extras to the main attraction.

We like to research the immediate surroundings of what we are capturing on film which allows us to know well in advance how best to create the bigger picture.

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