The 2019 Colchester Youth Awards: Our Youth, Their Future

Tuesday the 9th of July 2019 saw the return of the Colchester Youth Awards at Swinburne Hall, Colchester Institute. A night which celebrates the incredible achievements and talents of Colchester’s young people.

Green Square is proud to have supported the Awards from its small-scale beginnings in 2005 all the way through to Tuesday night’s grand ceremony. For 15 years, our design agency has witnessed countless stories of courageous local youth. From young writers challenging adversity to individuals who have secured massive academic accomplishments despite difficult personal circumstances. These stories have always been remarkable and the individuals of whom they belong to are even more so. For Green Square, it has always been a privilege to support such a worthy event and we were once again amazed by each nomination.

The night itself showcased huge amounts of talent. Aside from the unbelievable tales of the nominees, the audience was treated to a range of performances. The Starz Performing Arts Academy wowed us with a dance routine to remember. Jade North, despite just turning 16 years old, sang with a confident and assured voice. Alex Terry, a Musical Theatre student, also gave a spellbinding musical performance. Finally, Stephanie Heanue gave a breathtaking presentation to the song ‘This is Me’, demonstrating how she lets no obstacles stop her from embarking on the most astounding adventures. It is safe to say that we were kept thoroughly entertained.

Linda Green, co-owner of Green Square and Committee member of the CYA, remarked on how difficult it was to select the category winners. She stated, ‘Every nomination is incredibly inspiring, they all vary in their motivations and achievements but all of them are so deserving of recognition. What these young people are achieving is amazing. Their stories of courage, hard work, and determination are so humbling. They overcome challenges and adversity on a daily basis and we are in awe of them and their actions. Their spirit and determination are inspiring and their ability to use past experience and hardships to motivate and help others is remarkable. Green Square is delighted to once again support the awards that give them the recognition they deserve and will continue to do so in the future.’

The common theme that has become apparent over the years is growth. The growth of the nominated individuals. The growth of the awards. The growth of Green Square.

Each year we have watched as countless young people are honoured for their achievements. Each year it is evident that the future looks bright, with all of these individuals shaping their own success. Each year Green Square is inspired to ensure that we are continually bettering our services so that we may continue to support and assist such events.

As a design agency that prides itself on its advocation for today’s youth, we are proud to have evolved alongside the Colchester Youth Awards. We are even prouder to have once again seen a glimpse of some very bright futures.


As well as supporting the event Green Square is proud to have created, and designed, all print materials, animation, and website design for the 2019 Colchester Youth Awards. If you are interested in any print or digital design services please contact the Green Square team at or call us on 01206 633429.


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