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Website design goes up a gear

22nd August 2016

Website design is a service that everyone is marketing, so finding a suitable website design agency you know you can trust can be difficult. That is one of the reasons why Green Square have decided to relaunch a brand new website as we edge closer to the final few months of 2016.

With an entirely brand new design utilising our teams incredible design techniques, and featuring some exceptional new web technologies – the new Green Square website welcomes you in glossy comfort. It portrays everything that we are, as the Green Square family.


Website design


Website design

Designed on an 1170 pixel wide grid fractioned off into 12 columns with 15 pixel wide guttering, this new design has been heavily thought out with responsive development in mind. Usability has been key in this brand new website from the off. From the grid of the portfolio to the each section in the blog, every portion of the site supports the soft clean design, in a way that’s easy to navigate and differentiate.

The new design has been crafted with all intentions of boasting our portfolio of works. Large images, colourful backgrounds, readable text. With more layouts currently in the works, you can fully expect each project in the portfolio to have it’s own unique page style, all formulated with the following in mind: content type, project branding, amount of different medias/content.


Website development



Taking into account the 1170 pixel grid of the design, the new Green Square website has been developed on the Bootstrap CSS framework. The core backend of the website has been developed onto the latest version of WordPress. With no plugins doing any of the work on the frontend of the site this is a purely bespoke creation.

The latest standards have been taken into account when developing the HTML framework. With Javascript in mind, everything has been kept simple and clean – therefore there is no mass DOM manipulation to avoid FPS drops and rendering lag.

Every part of the Javascript code has been sectioned off into their own unique functions. This gives us the ability to enable and disable certain features depending on device and responsive view.


Website design services from Green Square

To hear more about our bespoke website design and website development services at Green Square, give us a call on 01206 633429 or drop us an email at